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Colon Cancer Article - By Timothy Yeatman


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Guardian Research Network (GRN) is a nationwide consortium of health systems harnessing the power of big data and aggregating hundreds of thousands of patient clinical and molecular profiles into a dynamic knowledge architecture. This provider-led revolutionary collaboration with sophisticated healthcare data analytics brings the cutting-edge, best targeted therapies to your community and clinicians. GRN benefits patients, member hospitals, clinicians and life science professionals by providing patient access to leading therapies without leaving home.

Researchers: Specific Gene Could Predict Colon Cancer Outcomes

Study undertaken at Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute   The study, published in prestigious…

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The Guardian Research Network: A Comprehensive Solution Supporting Adoption of Precision Medicine

By Timothy J. Yeatman, M.D. and Mark L. Watson, MD, Ph.D Published at TheJournalof PrecisionMedicine.com…

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